Birth Flower X-Mini Disk Necklace

Birth Flower X-Mini Disk Necklace

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Introducing our Birth Flower X-Mini Disk necklace, a delicate and meaningful piece designed to celebrate the ones you cherish most. Each necklace features charming 10mm round disks adorned with the exquisite beauty of birth flowers.

Birth flowers have long been symbolic representations of love, affection, and personal connection. With our necklace, you can carry the essence of these blooms wherever you go, reminding you of the special people in your life and the unique significance they hold.

Crafted with attention to detail and made to last, our Birth Flowers X-Mini Disk necklace is a timeless accessory perfect for everyday wear or as a heartfelt gift for someone dear to you. Choose from a variety of birth flowers to personalise your necklace and make it truly your own.

The following are the birth flowers used for each month:

January - Carnation
February - Iris
March - Cherry blossom
April - Daisy
May - Hawthorn
June - Rose
July - Water lily
August - Poppy
September - Aster
October - Cosmos
November - Peony
December - Narcissus